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21, वृश्चिक, Colombia
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Lovens ON :) Help Me Fulfill a dream 999..!! /support me to be in top100 // Anal Full PVT // Tips Menu: Ass: 9 Tks -/- Spank (3): 19tokens -/- feet: 29 tks -/- Boobs: 39 tks -/- Hitachi: 49 tks -/- Flash blow job: 59 tks /

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लैंगिक पसंदविषमलिंगी
ऊंचाई5'4" - 5'6" [160सेमी - 170सेमी]
वजन100 - 120 lbs [46 - 55 किग्रा]
बालकाले बालों वाली
भाषाएँअंग्रेजी, स्पेनिश
जघन बालचिकनी
मुझे क्या कामोत्तेजित करता है
Guys who want to sexting with me all night, tell me their hottest and darkest dreams to make them come true.
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Often people say they have not yet found themselves. But the self is not so
मुझे क्या बुझा देता है
I really love play with my toys so... maybe we can tray it together.

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Roses! :)
Roses! :)
¿Have you ever received flowers so beautiful that you wanted them to last a lifetime?
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You are so beautiful. (Do you really need it ??? ...)
lindissima, eres perfecta
Mucho amor!
Хорошая и красивая девушка с сексуальной фигуркой, будь всегда такой моя малышка.
no se que decir de ella, sutil. cariñosa, guapa,sexy y muy buen show. la mejor con diferencia
You are so beautiful. The sexy eyes which can melt a man's soul (a woman's too)... that silky hair... those perfectly soft and shapely breasts... that wonderfully toned body flexing in every pleasurable detail with the pleasure you receive... You are amazing in every way. Have fun with what you are doing, and do it for fun. You can't put out a bad video, so don't feel pressured to do anything. Just do you, and you will be golden. Thank you so much for sharing yourself!
Dear Celestina, miss you*** Hope you are fine* dreaming to see you :)
las mas guapa y sexy.
El más hermosa, el más dulce...un ángel!
❤️ Happy Valentine's Day ❤️

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